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Can I turn off my tablet?

Please do NOT turn off your tablet. Keep your tablet plugged in 24/7, and keep the Lula Store app open and in sight at all times. That way, you can keep an eye on all incoming orders. The tablet should stay in your store and never be turned off.

What if an item in the order is out of stock?

If a particular store item in an order is out of stock, call the customer through the phone number provided in the order. Ask them if they would like a replacement for their out-of-stock item. If you would like to cancel the order or remove an item, tap on the “Support” button in the Lula Store app and let us know.

What goes in the bag before handing it off to the driver?

The items that the customer ordered and the Lula feedback postcards are required to go in the bag. You may also add personal promotions to the bag! To get more stickers, bags, and postcards, visit

Where do I place the tablet that came in the welcome package?

For a quick and easy hand-off to the driver, we recommend setting up a Lula pickup area at front of the store and asking the driver who the order is for.

Where do I place the Lula stickers that came in the welcome package?

Place the large square sticker on your front door, and place the 2 small circle stickers around your store. This will let your in-store customers know that they can order items from your store. To get more stickers, bags, and postcards, visit

How do I accept orders on my tablet?

When a new order comes in on the Lula Store app you tap "confirm "to accept the order. Try to accept and confirm orders as quickly as possible so your customers aren’t left waiting. Our delivery partners may show up even if an order is not confirmed, so it is important to keep an eye on orders.

Where do I accept orders on my tablet?

Tap the Lula Store app on your tablet’s home screen and log in with the username and password we sent to your email. If you did not receive this info, reach out to for help.

How do I connect my tablet to my Internet/WiFi?

Turn on the tablet by holding the power button on the right side. Tap on “WiFi Settings”, and find your WiFi network name. Enter your password to connect your tablet to the WiFi.

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