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Amir A.

"The Lula team helped me add my convenience store and get my first few orders in less than a week. I just pack the orders, and Lula drivers come to pick up." 

Peter K.

"We added 4 stores on Lula. I have already seen my sales increase significantly and can track everything right from my phone. I recommend Lula to all convenience stores."

Netu & Mahesh P.

"It's so easy! We were sick of restaurant delivery services for our convenience items. I love that the Lula team can support us in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi anytime."

Get the things you need to grow your store.

We pick up directly from your store and deliver to your customer. When you receive the order online, you package it in a Lula bag we provide. Each delivery is always under 1-hour.

Delivery Provided

Convenience stores use more than 1 billion plastic bags every year. Each plastic bag takes 500 years to decompose. Let's save the world by using Lula bags. Sign up and get bags as a part of your starter kit.

Recyclable Bags

Your Store Inventory

We add all your store items as you relax. Stores can add as little as 50 items (chips, drinks, essentials) to over 3,000 items. Let's grow your sales by letting your items reach thousands of people around you.




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